Перавагі алюмініевага ліста з каляровым пакрыццём

Сучаснае аздабленне і канструкцыя становяцца ўсё больш зручнымі, і людзі будуць выбіраць алюмініевыя пласціны і алюмініевыя шпулькі ў якасці матэрыялаў у многіх сцэнах. Такія, як будаўніцтва, ўпрыгажэнні і гэтак далей. Для таго, каб быць больш трывалым, з'явіліся каляровыя алюмініевыя лісты і алюмініевыя рулоны з каляровым пакрыццём, якія шырока выкарыстоўваюцца ў побыце.

Color-coated aluminum has many product characteristics and has four major advantages.

1. The color-coated aluminum is rich in color, bright and non-fading on the surface. Huawei Aluminum has nearly 20 kinds of colors for you to choose from, and the colors can be customized. Because the paint is sprayed at high temperature, the color persistence and saturation are more than 5 times longer than that of ordinary materials;

2. Color-coated aluminum will become a popular trend due to its high cost performance. The inkjet plaque is easy to age and has been eliminated, the aluminum composite panel, the long construction period and the high cost cannot be widely used, and the color steel plate and square tube are expensive, single color and easy to rust, which are difficult to be recognized by the merchants;

3. The color-coated aluminum material has strong firmness, the surface is not easy to rust, and can withstand heavier pressure.

4. Color-coated aluminum is easy and fast to make and install, saving 80% of the installation time compared to color steel plates and square tubes.