алюмініевы ліст з парашковым пакрыццём

Алюмініевы ліст з парашковым пакрыццём

Parameters of powder painted aluminum plain plates Technology: hot rolled ( DC ), cold rolling ( CC ), cast Thickness: 3mm etc Applications of powder coated aluminium flat sheets Cladding panels etc

алюмініевы ліст з белым пакрыццём

алюмініевы ліст белага колеру

What is white color aluminum sheet? Aluminum sheets are commonly used in a variety of applications, including construction, automotive manufacturing, and aerospace engineering. The color of an aluminum sheet can vary depending on several factors, уключаючы вытворчы працэс, апрацоўка паверхняў, і пакрыццё. Стварыць белыя алюмініевыя лісты можна рознымі метадамі, including painti ...


1000 шпулька серыі алюмініевая шпулька

"1000 series color aluminum coil" is an alloy mainly composed of aluminum, which is commonly used in fields such as building exterior walls and billboards. The following is a detailed introduction of the alloy: Alloy type: 1000 series aluminum alloys, specifically pure aluminum alloys, whose alloy composition mainly includes aluminum (Al) and small amounts of other elements such as silicon (Si) and iron (Fe). ...

алюмініевая паласа з пакрыццём

Алюмініевая паласа з каляровым пакрыццём

Do you konw what is color coated aluminum strip? Color-coated aluminum strip is actually a product that has undergone deep processing on the surface of aluminum strip. This further processed color coated aluminum coil and color coated aluminum sheet can greatly improve the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the aluminum sheet and strip, and can be painted with various colors to increase the decorativ ...

3105 каляровая алюмініевая шпулька

3105 алюмініевая шпулька з каляровым сплавам

Pre-painted Finishes offer extreme durability in outdoor exposure as well as indoors because of our high-quality paint system. painted aluminum coil finishes are uniquely designed in that they offer a hard, abrasive resistant coating, yet allow the flexibility for extensive forming and fabricating. Our painted sheets are manufactured of 3105 H-14 Aluminum. 3105 Aluminum is an essentially 98% pure aluminum alloy w ...


Перавагі і ахоўная фарба папярэдне афарбаванай алюмініевай стужкі

Алюмініевыя палоскі маюць шмат ужыванняў, і ёсць шмат рэчаў у нашым штодзённым жыцці, якія маюць патрэбу ў ім, напрыклад, трансфарматары, навушнікі, і абагравальнікі. Наогул, алюмініевыя палоскі серабрыстыя, які вельмі распаўсюджаны і папулярны. Color-coated aluminum strip is the coloring treatment of the surface layer of aluminum plate or aluminum strip. It is a popular aluminum profile at present. The common ones are fluorocarbon color-coated ...

The order of black coated aluminum sheets in production #10300955 (extport to Tunisia)

Product name: black coated aluminum sheets Aluminum sheet with top side 18 mic pe black coated and back side with laqure SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.9 х 1036 х 2100 1050-H42

What are the process characteristics and advantages of color coating aluminium sheet?

Color coating aluminium sheet is made by degreasing and chemically treating the surface of the aluminum substrate, then rolling on a high-quality coating and drying and curing. The substrate material is the same as that of the web. Through the high-performance roller coating process, it can more effectively control the precision and flatness of the plate, successfully eliminating the traditional cause of bump and ...

Why use aluminum sheet powder coated ?

With its small specific gravity, easy processing and high mechanical strength, aluminum sheet has been widely used for many years in doors, windows, curtain walls and other products of buildings. Aluminum is a relatively active light metal with silver luster, and its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics. The higher the purity, the better the corrosion resistance, mainly because pure alumi ...


What is Color Coated Aluminum Coils?

Color-coated aluminum coils are formed after the aluminum coils are coated on the surface, and are essentially aluminum coils. Color-coated aluminum coils are also known as roller-coated aluminum coils and coated aluminum coils. . There are many types of color-coated aluminum coils. Common alloy models include 1100H18 color-coated aluminum coils, 1100 H24 color-coated aluminum coils, 3003 H24 color-coated alumi ...