Huippuluokan alumiini-magnesium-mangaanivärinen alumiinikela

Huippuluokan alumiini-magnesium-mangaanivärinen alumiinikela

With the rapid development of China’s industry and construction industry, enemmän ja enemmän koristeita tai rakennuksia ilmestyy, joten materiaaleja on paljon, joten materiaalien valinnasta on tullut tärkeämpi kysymys. Huippuluokan alumiini-magnesium-mangaani-alumiinikela on materiaali, jota tarvitaan monissa huippuluokan rakennuksissa. When choosing the high-end aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil, it is necessary to carry out necessary inspection. Because the quality of aluminum magnesium manganese can directly affect the quality of buildings, so more attention should be paid to the selection.

Aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil has the characteristics of long service life, light weight, good surface effect, and high recycling value. Therefore, it has good economic benefits and can meet the urgent needs of social economy and environmental protection development. The neutral treatment agent is used in the chemical treatment process, which is different from the common dip coating chemical treatment method. It can effectively damage the absolute environment and meet the strict environmental protection requirements at home and abroad. Therefore, the aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil is carefully developed.

Application characteristics of high-end aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil:

1. It has a safe and stable system structure.
2. it has endless application potential.
3. perfect sound absorption and noise reduction performance. A kind of
4. it has unparalleled thermal insulation, fire resistance and other excellent performance.
5. durable and valuable roof system, jne.
6. lightning protection characteristics.

Aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum plate is a kind of alloy made of metal aluminum, metal magnesium and metal manganese. Because of the advantages of moderate strength, weather resistance, korroosionkestävyys, easy bending, welding and processing, aluminum magnesium manganese alloy is generally recognized as a high-quality metal roof material with a design service life of more than 30 vuotta. The surface coating properties of high-end aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil can be strictly in accordance with customer requirements. The company is responsible for providing standard color cards for customers to choose.

Because the high-end aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil has strong plasticity, it can be made into aluminum magnesium manganese fan-shaped plate, aluminum magnesium manganese arc-shaped plate, jne., which greatly meets the design requirements of the metal house in terms of aesthetics and durability. Therefore, aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof system is widely used in steel structure workshop, gymnasium metal roof, airport metal roof, theater metal roof, high-end workshop metal roof, urban area Standard building, civil building and other large buildings on the metal roof. It can be seen that the high-end aluminum magnesium manganese color aluminum coil is widely used. A kind of
Aluminum is an important basic material for the national economy. It is responsible for the upgrading and upgrading of the nationalold and new energy conversionproject, and meets the national requirements ofreplacing steel with aluminum, replacing wood with aluminumenvironmental protection and energy saving policies. Huawei Aluminum Co., Oy. is willing to work hand in hand with our customers and friends to create tomorrow. Welcome to cooperate.