Renkli kaplama alüminyum levhanın işlem özellikleri ve avantajları nelerdir??

Color coating aluminium sheet is made by degreasing and chemically treating the surface of the aluminum substrate, daha sonra yüksek kaliteli bir kaplama üzerinde yuvarlanır ve kurutulur ve kürlenir. Substrat malzemesi ağ ile aynıdır. Yüksek performanslı rulo kaplama işlemi sayesinde, plakanın hassasiyetini ve düzlüğünü daha etkin bir şekilde kontrol edebilir, successfully eliminating the traditional cause of bump and crease, so that the architectural decoration color is uniform and delicate, soft and bright. According to the different coating and roll coating methods, there are certain differences in the quality of aluminum roll-coated panels. The thickness of the film on the surface of the roller-coated sheet is thinner than that of the laminate, only 0.04mm, so the regular roller-coated sheet is generally thinner than the laminate of the same specification by 0.1mm, but due to the roller-coating process, it is less likely to produce color differences compared to the laminate. Roll-coated plate reflection is very soft, good cleaning, and not easy to scratch discoloration, but the price is high.

color coating aluminium sheet

The main characteristics of color coating aluminium sheet.

  1. Not easy to turn yellow, environmental protection is strong. The use of chromium-free treatment solution to indicate the operation, to make up for the defects of the laminate easy to discolor; roller coating paint contains active chemical molecules, prompting the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the material. The active chemical molecules are stable and easy to recycle, meeting the requirements of environmental protection.
  2. korozyon direnci. There is a layer of tight oxide film on the surface of aluminum roll-coated plate, which has strong adhesion, anti-oxidation, acid and alkaline resistance, korozyon direnci, decay resistance and UV irradiation resistance.
  3. Uniform and constant color. The color of aluminum roller coated board is uniform and delicate, soft and brilliant, avoiding the phenomenon of individual color difference of traditional spraying, no matter how large the ceiling, its color luster is always the same. Long lasting and new.
  4. Rigid and tough combination, the aluminum surface is extremely strong. The combination of rigidity and toughness can be cut, slit, bent, pressed, drilled, connected and fixed and edge compression molding at will.