Huawei Aluminum color-coated aluminum alloy production

The color coated aluminum specialist can benefit your business with more than fifty colors, a wide assortment of gauges and the largest ready-to-ship inventory of colored aluminum sheet and coil in the industry! Color coated aluminum sheets are processed from the highest quality aluminum, mill direct, on one of computerized cut-to-length lines. Leveled, sheeted, blanked, and slit – metal excellence guaranteed. Sheets are sold in an extensive range of standard stock sizes and gauges.

Color coated aluminum alloy coil sheet characteristics

Super weather resistance

The PVDF coating aluminum flat sheet plate based on HYL0 or KYNA has common advantages in corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance, regardless of the beautiful appearance in the hot sunlight or the cold wind and snow.

Impact resistance

Strong impact resistance, high resistance, and no damage to the topcoat, even in the areas where the wind and sand climate is more common, there will be no damage caused by the wind and sand.

Uniform coating and various colors

Our company has imported the formation and coating production line, and controls all the processes by itself. It has a stable quality system, which makes the adhesion between the coating and the metal better, the color is uniform, the color is diverse, and the user has a large selection space.

Light raw materials and easy processing

can reduce the damage of the earthquake disaster, and is easy to transfer, its superior simplicity, convenient construction, can cooperate with planners to make various shapes, reducing the construction cost.

Easy maintenance

It has good self-cleaning property, even in some areas with severe pollution, it only needs to be cleaned with a neutral cleaning agent. After cleaning, the board will recover as new.

Parameters of color coated aluminum coil sheets

Alliage1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5083 etc.
Custom cut sizes4×6, 4 x 8 ( 4×8 pieds ), 4×10 foot, etc.
Épaisseur0.2millimètre, 0.25millimètre, 0.3millimètre, 0.4millimètre, 0.45millimètre, o.5mm, 0.6millimètre, 0.7millimètre, 0.9 millimètre, 1millimètre, 2.5millimètre, 3millimètre, 1/8 inch, 5cm etc
Surface treatmentPowder coated, pvdf coat, PE coating, pre coated, epoxy coated etc(It can be coated 1 side or 2 côtés)

Alloy composition of color coated aluminum sheet and coil


Roll coating process on aluminum plate surface

After the surface of the aluminum plate is degreasing and chemically treated, it is made by rolling high-quality paint and drying and curing. The smoothness of the paint film on the surface of the roll-coated board is higher than that of the spray-coated board. The color is divided into pearlescent and matte, and most of the common ones on the market are pearlescent. Its price is higher than spraying. The biggest feature of the roller coating board is the high degree of color simulation; the quality of the roller coating process varies greatly. In addition to all the materials, it is also related to the coloring in several times, such as two coatings and two rollings. It is to spray once and bake once, and then spray and bake again, so that the color is more even and smooth. A good roll-coated plate is also very expensive, the color is realistic, and the durability is strong.

Imported fluorocarbon roller coating is also a type of roller coating, which is to add fluorocarbon to the pigment, which makes the color adhesion stronger, longer service life, acid and alkali resistance, and is often used for the exterior decoration of buildings (not afraid of wind Blowing rain), the price cost is very high, it is the most high-end kind of roll-coated board.

The surface treatment process of the roll-coated board is as follows:

The roll-coated board has a top coat, a primer, and a back coat. The back coat mainly plays a role of anti-oxidation and makes its service life longer. Semi-finished products-on the machine-forming-the next part and inspection-packaging and warehousing.

The surface of the roller-coated plate is uniform, smooth, and has no obvious defects such as missing coating, shrinking holes, scratches, and falling off. Cependant, there are minor defects such as bubbles, pits, and inclusions on the surface, which are normal phenomena.

Application of color pre painted aluminium plain plates

Ceiling plate, cladding panels, kitchen ( food grade ), color perforated aluminium plate, armoire, trailers, name plate, building decoration etc

Popular applications

  • Aluminum composite panel ( ACP/ACM )
  • Tôle de toiture en aluminium prélaqué de couleur pour maison ( feuille de toit ondulée )
  • Ebauche de plaque d'immatriculation en aluminium
  • Feuille d'aluminium décorative pré-peinte en couleur pour la décoration ( décorer la lampe etc.)
  • Plaque d'aluminium de coloration d'isolation
  • feuille d'aluminium anodisée colorée pour l'artisanat
  • Feuille d'aluminium unicolore pour interrupteurs

Pays et régions d'exportation

Exporter partout dans le monde: Nigeria, Pakistan ( karâchi ), Mexique etc.

Emballage en tôle d'aluminium prélaqué coloré

Détails d'emballage : Forfait d'exportation standard.
Feuille d'aluminium d'emballage conforme à la norme d'exportation. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ need. une caisse en bois ou une palette en bois est adoptée pour protéger les produits contre les dommages lors de la livraison.

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