Pre-painted Finishes는 당사의 고품질 페인트 시스템으로 인해 실내뿐만 아니라 실외 노출에서도 극한의 내구성을 제공합니다.. 도장된 알루미늄 코일 마감은 고유하게 설계되어 단단함을 제공합니다., 내마모성 코팅, 그러나 광범위한 성형 및 제작을 위한 유연성을 허용합니다.. 우리의 페인트 시트는 3105 H-14 알루미늄. 3105 알루미늄은 본질적으로 98% pure aluminum alloy with minor additions for strength. It is not hardenable by heat treatment. 내식성, formability and welding characteristics are excellent. It is commonly used for sheet metal work in in the manufacture of race cars, residential siding and mobile homes. Weldability of this alloy is excellent by all commercial techniques. Arc welding is preferred for the best results.

Parameters of 3105 alloy color aluminum coil

Equivalent name

a3105, 3105a, aa3105, 3105aa, al3105, al3105a, 3105 aa, aa 3105, jis a3105p, al3105 class, aw3105 grade etc


Soft HO, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17, H18, H19, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, H26, H27, H28, H29, H30, H31, H32, H33, H34, H35, H36, H37, H38, H39, H46, H111, H112, H114, H116, H131, H321 etc

기술: rolling coated, anodized etc

Chemical composition

  • 그리고 ( Silicon ): 0.6
  • Cu ( Copper ): 0.05 – 0.25
  • 마그네슘 ( Magnesium ): 0.8 – 1.3
  • 아연 ( Zinc ): 0.25
  • 망간 ( Manganese ): 0.8 – 1.4
  • 크롬 ( Chromium ): /
  • 철 ( Iron ): 0.8
  • 의 ( Titanium ): 0.1
  • Other: 0.05
  • Others total: 0.15
  • 알 ( 알류미늄 ): remainder

3105 Aluminium coil properties

Good corrosion resistance
Good weldability
Good plasticity

Polyester Painted Aluminum Coil is one of products of Coated Aluminum Coil.

The polyester painted aluminum coil is made by coating polyester paint which can form varied decorative film on the aluminum surface.

Features of Polyester Paint for Polyester Painted Aluminum Coil

The polyester paint used for the aluminum coated coil is available in a wide variety of bright colors, which can meet different customer needs for bright, colorful interior decoration.

The polyester paint glossiness is high up to 95%. It is ideal for advertising boards.

Application of Polyester Painted Aluminum Coil

The polyester painted aluminum coil is suitable for aluminum composite panels, 천장, 가구, advertising boards, 등.

  • 3105 aluminium coil mainly Used for processing the component parts that need to have
    good formability, high solderability good resistance to corrosion , such as kitchen utensils and
    appliances, food and chemical products processing and storage devices, transport tank,
    tank of liquid products.
  • 3105 aluminum coil mainly used in chemical production and storage equipment, plate processing,
    building materials, 건설, cable pipes, sewer pipes, various parts of lamps and lanterns, 캔,
    wave plate, building materials, color aluminum plate, electric light head.
  • 3105 aluminium coil mainly used in processing pressure vessel,pipeline,utensil,cooling fin,radiator,
    makeup board,copy machine roller,ship material,aluminium pors,aluminium can,light bulb lids.

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