Do you konw what is color coated aluminum strip?

Color-coated aluminum strip is actually a product that has undergone deep processing on the surface of aluminum strip. This further processed color coated aluminum coil and color coated aluminum sheet can greatly improve the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the aluminum sheet and strip, and can be painted with various colors to increase the decorative properties of the aluminum material. is a widely used product.


Parameters of color coated aluminum strip

TemperH16, H18, H24, H26 etc
Thickness0.12mm, 1.5mm etc
Coating(PE, PVDF)PE coating thickness ≥ 16μm
PVDF coating thickness ≥ 25μm
DiameterInner:405mm, 505mm
Outer: less 1150mm
Weight1.7 – 3.0 ton/coil

Single side coated aluminum strip

Thickness of coated aluminum Strip (mm)Thickness of Aluminum base Strip (mm)Thickness of PP (mm)Length, Width of Coated Aluminum Strip and ID of Tube Core
0.17mm aluminum strip0.12mm aluminum strip0.05mm aluminum stripAs user’s requirement
0.2mm aluminum strip0.15mm aluminum strip
0.25mm aluminum strip0.2mm aluminum strip
0.3mm aluminum strip0.25mm aluminum strip
0.35mm aluminum strip0.3mm aluminum strip
0.4mm aluminum strip0.35mm aluminum strip

Double sides coated aluminum strip

Thickness of coated aluminum Strip (mm)Thickness of Aluminum base Strip (mm)Thickness of PP (mm)Length, Width of Coated Aluminum Strip and ID of Tube Core x 2As user’s requirement x 2

Aluminum Strip Coated with polypropylene

Aluminum Alloy3003 aluminum strip , 8011 aluminum strip, 8006 aluminum strip
SpecificationAlThickness0.12mm, 0.15mm
Coating Thickness40/50 microns on one side or both sides
Total Thickness0.20mm, 0.23mm
Core150-152mm (aluminium or paper core)
Coating material:polypropylene copolymer (type ADMER QF551 from company Mitsui)
Coating Density:0.890 g/cm3
Peel strength> 6 N/15mm
Tensile strength125 – 165 N/mm2

Applications of color coated aluminum strip

Aluminum Ceiling System Such As The Aipport And The Station Etc ; Petroleum,Chemical Industry,Printing,Decoration,Insulation,Can Stock etc.

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