What is Color Coated Aluminum Coils?

Color-coated aluminum coils are formed after the aluminum coils are coated on the surface, and are essentially aluminum coils. Color-coated aluminum coils are also known as roller-coated aluminum coils and coated aluminum coils. .

There are many types of color-coated aluminum coils.

Common alloy models include 1100H18 color-coated aluminum coils, 1100 H24 color-coated aluminum coils, 3003 H24 color-coated aluminum coils, 3004 H24 color-coated aluminum coils, E 5052 H24 color-coated aluminum coils. alloy state.

The general production process of color-coated aluminum coils.

The aluminum raw material is uncoiled, pre-treated, chromed, dried, roll coated, dried, inspected, and coated to obtain color-coated aluminum coils.

Application of color-coated aluminum coil:

can be applied to aluminum-plastic panel, aluminum-magnesium-manganese metal roofing, interior wall decoration, exterior wall decoration, steel structure enclosure, downspout, aluminum ceiling, aluminum veneer, thermal insulation pipe, packaging, elettronica, eccetera. industry.