Color coated aluminum coil knowledge encyclopedia

Color-coated aluminum coil is the surface coating and coloring treatment of aluminum plates. The common ones are fluorocarbon color-coated aluminum and polyester color-coated aluminum. They are widely used in aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, roofs, and corners. Department, cans, electronic products. Its performance is very stable, not easy to be corroded, the specially treated surface can achieve 30 years of quality assurance, the weight per unit volume is the lightest metal material, and color-coated aluminum coil is the most popular new material at present.

The color-coated aluminum coil has a wide range of colors, whether it is a residence, a large commercial outlet or a large convention center, it can add a lot of color. Good plasticity and processability make it an ideal material for various architectural shapes.

Aluminum coil color coating provides architects, designers and owners with personalized exterior wall and ceiling color space, and is also an ideal material for architectural modeling. Whether it is a large-scale building with various functions or a creative new building, it can always meet the different requirements of modern and classical architectural styles, making the building more colorful.